Charity Name

The name of the charity is the National Health Service Pensioners’ Trust (NHSPT) and its registered charity number is 1002061

Charity Objects

The objects of the charity are to relieve suffering, hardship, and distress among its beneficiaries. The beneficiaries are :

(a) Any person who has retired from service in any capacity in the National Health Service in England, Wales and Scotland.

(b) Any person who has retired from service in England, Wales and Scotland in any of the related Health Service organisations or caring professions prior to the creation of the NHS.

(c) Any person who is the wife, husband, widow, widower or other dependent of those specified in the above categories.

Trustees of the NHSPT

The trustees of the NHSPT are -:

Peter Griffiths CBE (Chairman)

James Coles

Paula Forecast

Director of the NHSPT

Frank Jackson OBE